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Visiting the website of the author I noticed that there was a FAQ section regarding the fourth book and this is what I found:





When out  Captivated by you (Crossfire # 4)?
To avoid what happened to the release date of  ” Bound to You ” , we will refrain from announcing a date until the book is in production and everything is ready. Immovable. We have seen something like this recently with the hell of Dan Brown. It was announced in mid-January, and readers could have it until mid-May.
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You mention  Seven years of sin when he speaks of  Do not hide anything. How are the two related?
They are not related in any place, just in my head. ” Seven years of sin ”  is the story of two survivors of abuse too, but of a different nature. Jessica is the survivor of child abuse by vicious having physical scars and is deaf in one ear. Alistair was abused emotionally and made ​​prostitution as a way to survive and establish a value of itself. For numerous reasons, was not able to delve into the consequences of abuse as deeply as I would have liked, so I kept thinking about the story of Jessica and Alistair after finishing. That thought process continued until germinated in history Gedeon and Eve.


I have questions in advance. Where I can publish?
captivated by you pdf download

They can join the community of discussion here: www.sylviaday.net .

Will there be a movie or television series Crossfire?
Lionsgate- The house of the Twilight saga, the trilogy of The Hunger Games, and episodic programming including Mad Men and Nurse Jackie has optioned the rights and property of being first stage of development for the television adaptation. You can read the press release from Lionsgate here.


¿ Captivated by you yet will continue to Gedeon and Eve? Or to secondary characters?
The first 2 ½ books were the story of Eve. For half the  ” Bound to You ” , Eva has faced the reality of the sacrifice of Gedeon, their bodies are out of the closet, and she has faced some harsh truths about their parents. Now is the turn of Gideon. Eva really needed to be strong for him and get a life together. The last 2 ½ books are the history of Gedeon.


How many books are in the Crossfire series?
The Crossfire series is a quintet. At the end of  ” Bound to You ”  there are issues that need to be tied and much more work ahead to Gideon still  ” Captivated by you ” . The Crossfire series documents the relationship Gedeon and Eve day. Because there are no jumps forward in time, only a few months have passed and Eva Gedeon relationship between the end of  ” Bound to You ” , and only two weeks since the end of  ” Reflected in you ” . Lots of milestones that have failed because there has been enough time elapsed.


What happened to  Deep in you?
Deep in you ”  was the original title of  ” Reflected in you ” , but was changed because some traders felt that the title was too suggestive and hesitated to expose the book to their customers. The publisher does not want to risk that the book is not available in some stores, so the title was changed.
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