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Title: Bared to You Free PDF Original Title: Bared to you Author / a: Sylvia Day Publisher: Espasa Number of Pages: 355 Publication Date: September 2012 Book of the Saga: 1/5

“Gideon Cross came into my life like a flash in the darkness … He was handsome, brilliant, unpredictable and sensual. I was attracted to anyone or anything as never before. ”
Eva Tramell is going to work in New York as an assistant in an advertising agency. Flee an overprotective mother and an episode of sexual abuse in childhood. Still it is strong and knows how to control their fears. In addition she has with his great friend and roommate Cary Taylor.  One day he meets  Gideon Cross ; and hopefully the attraction between them is immediate, and he will even harass spy and a half to approach her. Where is best understood in bed, on the couch, here, there and where is third.
In between are friends, enemies, traumas and a final means, or what is the same; you could end here, but … Do not hide anything , the new and sensual novel that sweeps in the United States, is the first installment of the trilogy Crossfire . With hundreds of thousands of copies sold, the phenomenon has only just begun …  


Saga Crossfire
No. 1 Bared to You [PDF]
No. 2 Reflected in you
No. 3 Tied to you
No. 4 Captivated by you [Publication 2014]
# 5 Without information …
For days I wanted to review this book, I read a while ago and asked a friend who lent me; I remember pasadola wrong with this book is that the saga was reaping such good reviews I dared her but I did not like not getting hooked or catch me completely thought was that I was not at my best to read but neither Today I get to swallow such a poor book.
 The story begins when Eva Tramell moving to NY to work in this famous company Crossfire with his best friend bisexual Cary Taylor, Eva decides one day to the office because he wanted to become familiar with the company before your first day and the first thing does is falling rear when he sees the captivating and fascinating Gideon Cross. Since then she realizes that there is a connection between them and the first thing you think is raw, primary, wild sex. Its not my words. From that day has been a sexual tension between them is that Gideon is nothing more and nothing less than your landlord, a chain of fitness and its majestic workplace, the Crossfire.
I expected something more, I expected a more Are complete characters? ¿Worked? Instead I find a protagonist who based at MAN, the says you need to have the control you need fair treatment in their time having sex and she just based, come on, you would expect from a character like that? . Then we have the famous Gideon Cross that from the first moment that meets Eva she qualifies as Dark and Dangerous naturally to write now Erotic you need to have a dark past and in this book could not miss it , but the author did not knows how to bring the line and spoils everything by making the mystery and intrigue in the background noticing fall entirely on sex.
captivated by you pdf download

I think I loved you from the moment I saw you. Then we made love that first time in the limo and became something else. Anything else …

Then we have the best Cary Taylor bisexual friend Eve after Gideon and Eve is known fades into the background, the author think Kate try to make a Kanavagh (the best friend of anastasia in fifty shades) and then the endless secondary characters that come and go in the blink of an eye. As the mother of Eva and her husband No. 3 surname is Staton, I do not remember the name. The driver of Gideon that as Eva encourages each time looks bad * eyes *
Something that really bothers me is the fucking relationship of the protagonists as these by their dark past are afraid to fall in love and then end up ruining everything, I thought the first thing you have to do is settle their differences, speak, but only have primitive sex is that the protagonist wishes were fulfilled and that sex between Gideon and Eva’s disgusting, obscene, I can not believe people you like that and not lagging far behind the language they use when sex is vulgar but not power.

Forget who submits, Eva. I have let you control. I bowed and I set to you. I’ll do anything to have you by my side and make you happy. But I will not be meek and enslaved me. Do not confuse weakness indulgence …

It is a very light bared to you pdf book is read in one breath, the plot is not the best I’ve read but is passable, but the course of events makes me doubt. And finally the end, it seemed stupid and pointless, just an event as a bridge to the end, then the author gives us a pathetic excuse and reunites, please Sylvia a little more imagination.
Ah the icing on the cake, she was not satisfied with his three books and decided to make a series composed of 5 books, the 4th Captivated be called by you but not yet published its cover or know. I think that Sylvia had you have completed the trilogy with the last book, he had nothing left where explode. Another thing is that earlier book called Do not hide anything but changed it Bared to You PDF, I think it was a big mistake since at least the title was a little discreet. 
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